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In-kind Donations

We welcome donations of goods from all community sectors, benefiting more people in need. 



Step 1:

Please email photos of the items you wish to donate, along with relevant details (such as quantity, size, expiry date, etc.) to donation@hkcs.org. 


Step 2:

We will respond as soon as possible to confirm whether we can accept the items and coordinate the logistics with you.


*To ensure the best use of your donated items, please contact us before donating. Thank you.



Main Types of Donated Items 

Accepted Items: 

  • Brand new daily necessities, cleaning and hygiene products, and epidemic prevention supplies (valid for more than four months) 
  • Brand new and clean clothes, socks, handbags, and accessories 
  • Brand new dolls, toys, stationery, books, and household items 
  • Small household appliances and electronic products in good working condition (such as desktop/laptop/tablet computers, mobile phones, etc.) 
  • Services (including sponsoring events, admission tickets, cash vouchers, etc.) 
  • Unopened and well-packaged food or dry food (with a shelf life of four months or more; must be non-refrigerated food; festive food such as rice cakes, moon cakes, dumplings, etc., we will consider delivery arrangements and time factors to determine if they are acceptable) 
  • Wheelchairs and walking aids


Items Not Accepted: 

  • Second-hand bedding, dolls, underwear, clothes, socks, etc. 
  • Second-hand tableware and kitchenware 
  • Medicines 
  • Uniforms and school uniforms 
  • Expired or soon-to-be-expired food, daily necessities, cleaning and hygiene products, epidemic prevention supplies 
  • Damaged or dirty clothes and items 
  • Textbooks, magazines, books and items with pornographic, violent, or superstitious content 
  • Large appliances 


The list above is unable to include all items. Please feel free to contact us for any enquiries. 


  • Brand new toys

  • Tablets

  • Medical appliances

  • Baby products

  • Anti-epidemic items


Contact Us

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